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SchoolZippy- Online School Collaboration Portal Online School Collaboration Platform for teachers , students and parents

SchoolZippy is a growing platform that aims at giving every school; big or small the online edge required to grow and fulfill their inherent potential in the rapidly changing world of education.


Business Case: Multitenant application being accessed by multiple schools and their staff, parents and students. Expected load during business hours is around 1000 concurrent users. Schools located both in urban and semi urban areas of the country face challenges both in relation to internet and hardware speed.

Solution Approach: After making a decision on going to the cloud, TechMinfy suggested changes in the architecture of the program to make it more robust and future ready. Care was taken in converting the architecture to be scalable. Global latency was reduced by using Content Distribution Network. The portal was deployed on scalable compute instances with auto scaling heuristics in place. Appropriate Firewalls and Load Balancers were provisioned to counter threats and peak load issues.



  • Multi tenant app with thousands of users
  • Users spread across the country
  • Slow internet access for the end user

  Technology Used

  • Route53, EC2, RDS, S3, VPC, Auto Scaling, ELB , Java, MySQL

  Benefits & Results

  • Lowered Latency to 15 ms.
  • Auto scale helped in meeting business hour demands.
  • Week-end loads could be reduced to minimal.
  • Annualized unplanned downtime reduced to to 0.001%.

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