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Risk Edge – Commodity Risk Management Solution Provider

Risk Edge – Commodity Risk Management Solution Provider

About Application: The LCMS application is a classic three tier application built over the LAMP stack. Main features cover Client management, User management, Content Management and Test Management. Apart from this there are other application properties aspects.
Solution Approach: The proposed AWS architecture to achieve the goals to Reduce memory usage , CPU usage and App server usage.Amazon Web Services provides a host of services to achieve these goals. An optimum utilization of these services will effectively help in reducing the concentrated role of the app server thus reducing the risk of single point of failure.
This also directly results in reducing the number of servers that may scale on peak usage enabling a more optimized infrastructure budget.



  • Risk Edge wanted to give access to their algorithm library directly to the registered users.
  • They also wanted to reduce their existing server costs by moving their staging and development environments to cloud.

Technology Used

  • ELB, EC2, S3, Auto Scale, RDS.

Benefits & Results

  • Reduced redundancy, Data storage availability issue was resolved.
  • Reduced hosting cost by 40% , memory usage & CPU usage.
  • High availability of data was ensured from their database directly to the users.