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The reason behind the growth of TechMinfy is the team’s hard work & determination of making every project to be a success story in its own way.

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A PlugNPlay supported Silicon Valley legal Advisory start-up looking to provide expert advise to migrants in the United States Of America, this portal is designed and build to run over Amazon AWS from Ground Up.

It was Archited and designed by TechMinfy to run in totality using AWS platform services that include Route53, EC2, RDS, S3 and VPC. With an ability to Auto Scale to cater to all user needs AdviseHub is geared to handle extensive user loads.

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InQuiz is a multiplayer Quiz Game where players can test and compare their knowledge across a wide range of over 200 Indian topics. Players can challenge their friends, family and also random players to win in the limited trivia question rounds and advance up the leader board, unlock achievements and share on the social media.Mobile Application is working on the LAMP stack with Node.js and is fully ported on to AWS.

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A wordpress blog for home makeover. This upcoming portal moved on to AWS primarily for global outreach targetting NRIs and indians alike.
Being in a very competitive space the clients seek an extremely fast and robust hosting with advanced usage of content delivery network.
Homemakover is migrating to the global AWS platforms and have been a good case study for auto scale, caching, CDN usage and high availability.

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A mobile audio clip sharing platform targeting over a million downloads. Considering the expected load a complete architectural turnaround was planned.With an effective usage of AWS cloud platform that included S3, CloudFront, EC2, Route53 and RDS the load on a single server was increased to accept 10 users per second. TechMinfy removed the biggest bottleneck of audio streaming for unlimited users without a server scale by effective using Cloudfront and S3 technology.

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A SaaS based E-Learning platform, Enyota provides a robust platform for enterprise platforms. TechMinfy analyzed the requirement and suggested critical changes in the application to seamlessly handle high concurent content service load.
Many critical changes were suggested which would otherwise have made the system sluggish on peak usage. Initial POC implementations have shown that the application is gearing up to accept more load for each enterprise client. Being a SaaS based application it is important that each server instance can handle optimal load to reduce hosting cost.

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A brick and mortar marriage bureau with extensive plans to capture online space, required a vertical scaling platform to cater to spikes in demand.
This application targetted to NRI customers needed highly available low latency global presence. AWS having 8 infrastructure regions across the globe fit the bill perfectly and have provided the much needed localization both at the app and infrastructure level.
TechMinfy configured Route53 Latency Based routing, Region specific ELBs, EC2 and RDS to ensure the needs are met.

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As the traffic on financial advisory portal increased with more and more B2B partners getting added, speed of access and auto scale up became a critical issue.Portal was architect ed to ensure that the application able to utilize maximum AWS Services

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techMinfy client is an ecommerce enabling platform. Poised to run hundreds of Micro Small & Medium ecommerce portals, the need is to scale on demand both at the server & the database level.

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TechMinfy client a leading Real Estate portal was provided solution to manage traffic spikes without investing heavily into server overcapacity.

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school collaboration portal , techminfy client , school portals is an upcoming App Integration platform and a bridge between the schools & e-Education products and service providers in India.

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