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Inquiz – Quiz Game Mobile Application

Inquiz- MultiPlayer Quiz App

InQuiz is a multiplayer Quiz Game where players can test and compare their knowledge across a wide range of over 200 Indian topics. Players can challenge their friends, family and also random players to win in the limited trivia question rounds and advance up the leader board, unlock achievements and share over social media.


Business Case: A mobile gaming quiz app expecting peak load use of 1,00,000 downloads and approximately 10,000 simultaneous users. Inquiz wanted a secure hosting environment where in the core set of quiz questions reside in a secure database, no compromising on access for the user.

Solution Approach: Auto scaled cloud servers were recommended to meet the spike in demand. A secure VPC was set up with the database running under a private cloud connect via internal IPs.

“We have been extremely delighted with the automated features and services provided by AWS for hosting our mobile quiz app. With seamless connectivity and robust infra, AWS has been our best choice with auto-scaling of servers as and when required at most affordable price. We look forward to use AWS as our primary hosting service provider for all our future in-house and clientele projects.”
-Sailesh Sigatapu-CEO, SparcCybertech Pvt Ltd (INQUIZ)



  • Multi tenant app with thousands of users
  • Users spread across the country
  • Slow internet access for the end user

  Technology Used

  • LAMP, Node.js, Load Balancing, CloudFront , S3 , Auto Scale

  Benefits & Results

  • ELB and Auto scale ensured availability
  • VPC ensured data security

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