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AWS Architecture Design – Matrimonial Portal Matrimonial Matchmaking Platform for NRI’s, the biggest marriage portal in Andhra Pradesh, Company has been a medium for matrimony for the last twenty five years and many marriages have been solemnised through the site. They have a vast and voluminous data base and site visitors can register by filling the online Registration Form. Over 27 Branches , 300 employees and 100,000 registered users across the globe.

Business is among the top matrimonial service in the state of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, India. Application has both a business back end and a web front end. A business hour demand spikes to 150 simultaneous users at the back end and about 100-200 website visits per hour.
The application is highly data intensive with algorithm to match profiles extremely CPU and RAM intensive. For the case a minimum server configuration required was an 8 core system with 30 GB RAM. was looking at a cost effective solution that could on one hand help reduce the hosting cost along with being optimally economical.

Solution Approach: After understanding the load requirements a solution comprising of highly available RDS and high capacity EC2 server was provided. To reduce downtime in upgrade and downgrade of server, rwo separate app servers were created one with a larger capacity and the other with a considerably lower capacity. Therefore the server with larger capacity is effectively being used during the peak hour and during the off peak hour the server with lower capacity is being used. This has helped in reducing the effective hosting cost by over 40%.

“We are happy to be a part of AWS & TechMinfy has helped us and will be helping us in optimizing our infrastructure again.”
-Kolusu. N.P.K. Swamy.


  • Wanted to give access to their huge database directly to the registered users.
  • App not ready to perform well under a Load Balancer.
  • App utilizing high CPU and RAM.
  • Higher server configuration meant higher cost.

  Technology Used

  • ELB, EC2, S3, CloudFront, Auto Scale , RDS,EBS.

  Benefits & Results

  • Elastic IP could be swapped /provisioned without a downtime.
  • Reduced hosting cost by 40% , memory usage & CPU usage.
  • High availability of data was ensured from their database directly to the users.
  • Use of EBS Volumes benefitted them whenever the server is unavailable.

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