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AWS Infrastructure SetUp – Campus Management Portal

OnEdu -Campus Management Solution

onEdu is comprehensive solution for management of educational institutes. It is a complete framework of over 30 different plug & play modules that string together feature sets required for managing all facets of management of Universities, Colleges and Schools.


Business Approach: onEdu is more than a standard ERP and a CRM solution for the education sector. The value of an automated solution such as onEdu is not in terms of its ability to store information and provide on demand reports. It is in its ability to track the trends in behavior and performance of individual student or faculty and pro-actively alert the management on any deviation in the trend. Corrective measures can be taken up based on these alerts, before an undesired trend results in an unforeseen event. After all, when you are managing an institute with thousands of students, it would help to have a system that lets you, the management, focus on the few critical areas that need attention.

Solution Approach:After making a decision on going to the cloud, TechMinfy suggested changes in the architecture of the program to make it more robust and future ready. Care was taken in converting the architecture to be scalable. Global latency was reduced by using Content Distribution Network and scalable clouds. The portal was deployed on the scalable computes with auto scaling heuristics in place. Appropriate Firewalls and Load Balancers were provisioned to counter threats and peak load issues.




  • Speed of app access and frequent downtimes resulting in loss of business and brand value.
  • Was looking for a system that would require less maintenance & Scalable on-demand.
  • Experiencing threats and issues over security

  Technology Used

  • EC2, ELB, AutoScale, RDS, VPC, Security group configurations

  Benefits & Results

  • Latency has been reduced to 45ms on an average across global region.
  • Uptime now has been guaranteed at over 99.999%.
  • Week-end loads could be reduced to minimal.
  • Due to content distribution across the global and scalable computing behind load balancers the problem of app speed and downtime was addressed.

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